A Children’s Book to Help With Pushing and Grabbing for 4-7 Year Olds


The Naughty Hand, a graphic novel for iPad, is designed the help parents talk to their little ones about grabbing and pushing. Its the story of Milo, an energetic and excitable seven year old who can’t stop grabbing and pushing, until one day he pushes a bit too hard and causes a scraped knee.

Milo begins to wonder if maybe he has a “naughty hand” that is doing things he has no control over. Is this true? Fortunately for Milo, he learns how to manage the Naughty Hand in this innovative and enjoyable story for kids ages 4-7. The Naughty Hand is designed to help parents talk to their little ones about pushing and grabbing, too.

The Naughty Hand was created in collaboration with seven year old Gus Greene, and Couple and Family Therapist Dr. Saliha Bava. Please consider supporting our work by purchasing The Naughty Hand for your Apple iPad. Available now on the iTunes store! Just $2.99! Download a free 34 page sample on iTunes today!

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